All photos and art are orignal. (Some photos are taken of my art by others)


Tomorrow I leave for Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Im super excited to see some mountains and deep woods. I know the whole experience is going to be really inspiring so Im bringing all three of my cameras and some sketchbooks to make new pieces while I’m away. Cant wait to share what comes of it. 


"I believe in that art is a stream of energy that flows through you to create things, to keep it pure you put your soul through that flow and do things naturally. Don’t sit around and think about culture trends or particular things and force art to manifest itself, just make something, anything, and let yourself express yourself! You can think about how you felt about that art later, artist block exists because you think too much, just keep pushing and experimenting to see what type of shit you like, don’t worry about anything else. Art is fun as hell. Have fun and paint on dumb shit, take photos of dumb shit, as long as it makes you happy. Do it for yourself."

Words of wisdom from my favorite photographer: Justin Guthrie